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Kubota Construction

Engineered for hard work

Kubota tracked mini excavators are
universally known and respected for
their reliability, durability and appetite
for hard work. Designed and built to
produce cost-effective results time
after time, Kubota mini excavators
continue to extend their reputation
in every industry sector.

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  • Zero Tail Swing

Zero Tail Swing

Tough job got you in a corner? Put a U-Series to work on it. Zero-tail swing keeps the tail within the width of the tracks, so you can turn the house throughout its 360-degree turning radius without worrying about what is to the side or behind you. Zero-tail swing also ensures excellent balance, stability and fast operation, making the U-Series ideal for jobs in congested urban areas

  • Anti theft system

Anti theft system

All Kubota mini excavators feature the ‘ANTI-THEFT PLUS’ security system integrated into machines when they are built to achieve Thatcham endorsement.

The coveted Thatcham certification is recognised by insurers and should result in substantial discounts on premiums for users of Kubota mini excavators.