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RTV Range

Utility vehicles

Designed to take on
the toughest demands

Introducing the RTV – the rugged
off road utility vehicle. Whether through
field, down hill, over track or on road,
the RTV goes where other utility
vehicles can’t.

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Kubota Implements

the tools to deliver

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  • Customise your RTV

Customise your RTV

The Kubota accessories and attachments are designed to enhance your RTV’s capabilities, performance, comfort and safety.

Hardworking, tough and highly versatile the Kubota RTV combines power with versatility to get the job done.

  • Twin bench versatility

Twin bench versatility

Whether it’s carrying guns to hauling heavy loads, the RTV1140 provides a flexible choice, converting simply in 3 easy steps to access a full cargo bed capacity.
  • Innovative transmission

Innovative transmission

Kubota’s unique Variable 3 range HST transmission enables optimum traction for safe, smooth and progressive hill ascents and descents.